Sports Specific Strength Training & Coaching based in Surrey

We are a strength training and coaching service provider that aims to help our clients become stronger, happier, and healthier. Our services include personal strength training, supplements and bespoke nutrition advice and guidance. Our strength coach can assist you in improving your performance and reaching your health & fitness goals. Our online services are available nationwide but are based in Guildford, Surrey, for face-to-face.

Choose Your Personal Coaching Plan

We deliver our coaching services both in-person and online to suit your requirements.

Online Coaching Program

Perfect for those that don’t have the budget to commit to personal coaching. Our Online Coaching Programmes enable you to work directly on your Training, Supplementation and Nutrition with Roan Heming over email.

Face-to-Face Sports Consultation

A 4-month program consisting of monthly check-in consultations, a tailored training program, nutritional and supplementation advice, lifestyle recommendations, and Body Composition Analysis

Sports Coaching

Work with Roan Heming to improve your high performance sporting abilities over the course of 6 months. designed to increase the level of performance in athletes who compete in professional sports. 

CEO Personal Training

Our 6 months CEO personal trainer program, includes 4 sessions per week and is designed to help CEO’s and senior executives improve their health, fitness, physical and mental performance.

Personal Trainer Mentorship

Book the 6-month personal trainer mentorship program today. Work with Roan Heming to take your knowledge and understanding of nutrition and performance or health and fitness business to the next level.

How We Help

Do you want to move, feel, or perform better? Whatever your goal, together, we’ll make it happen! Here’s how we can support you.

Body Composition

Body composition plays a huge role in health; the less fat you have, your endocrine system is optimal. Our body composition analysis service measures the sum of body fat and helps us determine the right nutrition and supplementation to optimise your endocrine system and support your overall progress.

Building Strength

“Maximal Strength is the mother of all qualities” – Professor Dr Dietmar Schmidtbleicher.

We devise a plan to help you build strength, improve your weakness and, in turn, improve your athletic performance and reach your goals. Roan is a strength coach based in Surrey, but provides all services nationwide.

Sport Specific Training

An overlooked quality in sports is not being strong for the sport!

Regardless of whether that’s a road running, long jump, swimming, martial arts, handball, or something else.

One of the most important things about training for a sport is to be specific about the stimulus you expose the body to so the body knows it wants to adapt.

The less specific the stimulus, the less to adapt to. The more progress you make in training, the more specific the stimulus you need to be.

Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition is all about eating for a specific purpose – increasing strength, weight & fat loss, sporting performance, or optimal health and well-being.

The main aim of functional nutrition is to improve cellular function to optimise your overall health and improve performance. Your cells are built from and are fuelled by the nutrients you consume, with physical and mental strength and performance, “you become what you eat and absorb”.

When putting together nutritional advice for one of our coaching plans, we take into account the information gathered in your health questionnaire, alongside a few other factors.

How Do Our Consultations Work?

Depending on your chosen plan, strength personal training may begin with a thorough assessment of your current health, ability, and your goals, including an assessment of strength, balance and power, body composition analysis, and laboratory blood testing, as well as a detailed look at your current nutritional intake and lifestyle.


Goal Setting

We always begin with identifying your specific goals, but regardless of these goals – be that weight management, improved sporting performance or rehabilitation – there are two other goals we always focus on to encourage success:

  1. More energy
  2. Better sleep

These are independent of your actual goals. That’s because the more energy you have, and the better you sleep, the easier it is to achieve your targets. 



For the body to perform, recover and rebuild optimally, we must address proper nutrition. We start with a detailed health history evaluation to understand your physical limitations, daily energy levels, sleep patterns, and genetic risk factors, alongside an optional laboratory blood testing to reveal further information. Following this is a 14-point body composition assessment to reveal where your body stores fat and expose possible hormonal imbalances.

Once we’ve analysed your information, we’ll recommend a customised plan of targeted nutritional supplements to help address your body’s unique requirements for optimal health and performance. We’ll revisit it throughout your plan, informed by your changing needs.


Body Composition Analysis

Only included with in-person coaching packages.

Body composition analysis can tell us a lot about your body and health status. Using a combination of skin fold analysis, continuous glucose monitoring, and blood test results (A1CNow Self Check*),  we can determine your current body fat percentage and uncover key factors to your overall health. 

This provides invaluable information about how your body works and the factors influencing your body fat levels and performance. 


Health Supplement Recommendation

As the name suggests, dietary supplements are intended to complement your diet by using vitamins, minerals, algae and plant herbs. Depending on your plan, you will receive supplement recommendations based on your goals, measurements and blood lab results to help you reach your goal faster.

Our recommended dietary supplements are produced and manufactured exclusively for Human Performance Hub, fuelled by Designs For Health, to ensure the highest possible quality. Each formula has been coordinated and developed with the help of biochemists and sports physicians.



Human Strength Hub will provide personal training plans that provide everything you need to improve body composition and/or increase strength. Alongside nutrition and lifestyle advice, training plays a key role in achieving your goals. We provide this via face-to-face or online consultations or through a Private / Semi-Private mentorship coaching program. As a personal trainer in Guildford, Surrey, our face-to-face consultations can be provided around this area.



We run our programs in phases of 3-4 weeks, consisting of 2-4 workouts per week and using a variety of testing modalities to design each individual’s specific program and monitor progress. 

For our athletes, we provide off-season and on-season programming. The sport-specific training program consists of 2-5 personalised workouts per week designed to maintain strength and prevent injuries. You’ll also receive an in-depth, easy-to-follow nutrition and supplement plan to support your goals. 

Our Values


We understand that optimising your functional health is key to improving your physical and mental performance.

Whether you’re looking to manage your weight, improve at a specific sport, or recover from injury. That’s why health and nutrition are key factors in our plans.


Maximal strength is the mother of all strength qualities.

At Human Strength Hub, we always encourage clients to become stronger, not just strong. This means continually improving strength to achieve maximum physical and mental performance output. Roan is a strength coach based in Surrey, however all services are provided nationwide.


Sleep is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked elements of health and performance. Yet, recovery is essential, not just for training but in all aspects of life. This includes sleep and stress management.

Recovery is vital to your health and physical and mental performance and, as such, is one of the first things we work on at Human Strength Hub, alongside nutrition and training.

My experience with Roan is very positive. His approach is straightforward yet rich in knowledge, with attention to detail and quality, from communication to creating an action plan. You can see that he cares.

Giovanni Billi
Eleiko Strength Equipment Italy Operations Manager

I cannot recommend Roan at Human Health Hub enough. He is the only consultant I have engaged with where I have seen results, and importantly he only recommends the supplements you need for your body or nutrition goals.

In addition, he listens to a client and recommends the right nutrition, supplements and exercise routines – it isn’t one-size-fits-all; it is highly personalised to get the right results.

Kirsten Ward
Chief Marketing Officer at Situ Live

The big difference with Roan is that he completely views your health and well-being.  

Fitness and strength training is at the core, but it’s supported by nutrition advice, supplements to address your specific deficiencies and regular measurement to assess progress.  For me, this is essential; diet, sleep, and exercise are all interdependent, and Roan’s education and advice enable you to make real, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

Paul Abbott
CEO Amex Global Business Travel

Roan has exceptional experience, knowledge and expertise across PT Training, Nutrition & Functional Medicine and Supplements, which makes him UNIQUELY placed to help clients achieve their health goals.

My experience of training and working with Roan across these Specialisms is that he is challenging and unswerving in his passion for acquiring more knowledge and delivering results!

A. Loftus London, United Kingdom

My experience with Roan is very positive. His approach is straightforward yet rich in knowledge, with attention to detail and quality, from communication to creating an action plan. You can see that he cares.

Giovanni Billi
Eleiko Strength Equipment Italy Operations Manager

Roan is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever met, and his passion for the fitness and well-being of his clients is inspiring. 

He has so much knowledge of diet, supplements and sleep. It is very motivating to work with him and accomplish targets you wouldn’t believe possible.

Yvonne Binnington
Mother of two, Buckinghamshire

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