Sports Performance Coaching 

6 month minimum term

Book onto our sports performance coaching program and work with Roan Heming to improve your high performance sporting abilities. 

What is Human Strength Hub’s Sports Coaching and Performance Program? 

Here at Human Strength Hub, we offer high performance sports coaching for individuals looking to improve their performance in sport, such as athletes and high performing sportspeople. Our performance coaching is designed to increase the level of performance in athletes who compete in professional sports. 

The role of a sports performance coach is to develop a player’s strength, refine their nutrition and recovery plan and help them overcome obstacles that might affect their mindset. 

Our sports coaching and performance program allows you to work directly on your training, supplementation and nutrition with sports performance coach, Roan Heming. The training can take place via face-to-face or online, depending on your preferences.

What’s Included in Our High Performance Sports Coaching? 

Once you have signed up and filled out the pre-consultation form for the sports coaching program, you will receive an email booking you in for your first consultation. Here is a list of the specific strength training programs we’ll provide you with to successfully complete the first block of your program:

  • Strength training programs for your first block
  • A detailed guide to proper nutrition
  • A detailed guide to health supplementation
  • A guide to Periworkout nutrition
  • An info sheet detailing exercise coaching and instructions for capturing videos for analysis

What Are The Benefits of Sport Coaching and Performance? 

Performance sports training is very effective because it allows athletes and professional sports people to establish individual goals. Here are some of the main benefits of investing in an athletic performance coach:

  • Training program design
  • Nutrition 
  • Recovery 
  • Performance

Start Your Journey

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My experience with Roan is very positive. His approach is straightforward yet rich in knowledge, with attention to detail and quality, from communication to creating an action plan. You can see that he cares.

Giovanni Billi
Eleiko Strength Equipment Italy Operations Manager

I cannot recommend Roan at Human Health Hub enough. He is the only consultant I have engaged with where I have seen results, and importantly he only recommends the supplements you need for your body or nutrition goals.

In addition, he listens to a client and recommends the right nutrition, supplements and exercise routines – it isn’t one-size-fits-all; it is highly personalised to get the right results.

Kirsten Ward
Chief Marketing Officer at Situ Live

The big difference with Roan is that he completely views your health and well-being.

Fitness and strength training is at the core, but it’s supported by nutrition advice, supplements to address your specific deficiencies and regular measurement to assess progress.  For me, this is essential; diet, sleep, and exercise are all interdependent, and Roan’s education and advice enable you to make real, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

Paul Abbott
CEO Amex Global Business Travel

Roan has exceptional experience, knowledge and expertise across PT Training, Nutrition & Functional Medicine and Supplements, which makes him UNIQUELY placed to help clients achieve their health goals.

My experience of training and working with Roan across these Specialisms is that he is challenging and unswerving in his passion for acquiring more knowledge and delivering results!.

A. Loftus London, United Kingdom

Roan is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever met, and his passion for the fitness and well-being of his clients is inspiring. 

He has so much knowledge of diet, supplements and sleep. It is very motivating to work with him and accomplish targets you wouldn’t believe possible.

Yvonne Binnington
Mother of two, Buckinghamshire

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our online coaching, check the FAQs here. 

Is Sports Performance Coaching Accessible To Beginners? 

Our sports performance coaching is accessible to anyone training for a sport. You do not need to be pro/semi-pro to take part in the program.

What Will I Need To Take Part in High Performance Sports Coaching? 

To take part in our online performance coaching program, you’ll need the following equipment, easily accessible at most gyms: 

Squat Rack / Stand
Barbell and Plates
Flat / Adjustable bench
Cable pull/pulley attachment

Further training blocks may require additional equipment, such as a hamstring curl machine and 45° back extension; however, this will still be accessible at most gyms and will be communicated as your program progresses.

Because our online personal training places the primary focus on strength training, this list is non-negotiable.

If you need any help purchasing equipment for your home gym or help to find a suitable public gym, email us, and we will be able to supply you with options suitable for your budget.

Can I Trial The Sports Coaching and Performance Program? 

Our sports performance coaching is a 6-month minimum program. We structure it this way so that you are able to get the most out of your sessions and achieve the best results possible. However, if you are looking to trial one of our services, take a look at our Online Coaching Program or Consultation Program, both of which work on a month-to-month basis.