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Sport Specific Training

An overlooked quality in sport is not being strong for the sport! Regardless of whether that’s road running, long jump, swimming, martial arts, handball, or something else.

One of the most important things about training for a sport is to be specific about the stimulus you expose the body to so the body knows it wants to adapt. The less specific the stimulus, the less to adapt to. The more progress you make in training, the more specific the stimulus you need to be.

What to expect from our sport specific training?

The time in the initial consultation is for gathering more information. We’ll create a timeline of your life events to understand when your health began to decline and any triggering events or inputs around this. 

We’ll also discuss your goals and what you want to achieve. Then we’ll pinpoint how to move forward along with key steps to reach your health goals (including any required testing).

Post-consultation, we’ll develop initial nutrition, lifestyle and training (if required) plans for you to follow until our next meeting.

Our Packages

We deliver our skin fold analysis service as part of a 360 package which supports you in the areas where you need it the most. Discover more about our packages below and book your initial consultation today.


Our Online Consultation gives you the one-to-one support you require to improve your health & performance from anywhere in the world and all from the comfort of your home.

In Person

Our In Person Consultation allows us to utilise more in-house testing elements to ensure we leave no stone unturned in improving your health & performance journey.

Unsure what you require?

Book your FREE 20 minute discovery call today to find out more about our unique and tailored service and to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.

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In addition to one-to-one coaching, we also offer a range of online downloadable coaching programs. Browse the range below.