Functional Nutrition is about eating for a specific purpose, whether to improve sporting performance, increase general energy or overcome health and medical challenges or ailments.

What is functional nutrition?

The term functional is defined as “something that is of function”. And Nutrition is “the sum of the processes by which one takes in and utilises food substances”. It means that functional Nutrition is eating for a particular purpose. And this purpose can vary broadly. 

In the sense of Functional Sports Nutrition, one can eat for performance goals, to get stronger or to lose body fat faster.

In general Functional Nutrition, the goals can vary from eating to decreasing food intolerances, increasing intestinal health, improving hepatic biotransformation, the so-called “detoxification “to improve epigenetics, managing inflammation and autoimmunity, optimise neurochemistry and more.

What are the benefits of Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition’s key benefit is improving certain cellular functions to optimise health and wellbeing in sports, specifically the training progress and sports performance. Our cells are built and fuelled by the nutrients we eat. Poor material and fuel will never lead to a high-performance race car. Such high-quality food counts. 

Functional nutrition identifies the different macro- and micronutrients key to your diet and increases performance. We need to choose foods and nutrients specifically to target our specific goals.

Functional Nutrition in action

Here’s an example of how functional medicine might work in action.

1. Questionnaire

Following your health questionnaire and blood testing, we would set a goal based on the findings.

For example, we may need to optimise neurochemistry by reducing inflammation.

2. Set your plan

Once we’ve done this, we’ll need to identify the nutrients and minerals you need to achieve your goal.

In this instance, it would be about choosing foods that lower inflammation while avoiding pro-inflammatory foods such as vegetable oils, sugar and dairy.

3. Analyse the results

Once you’ve been on your plan, you will start to see a difference.

For example, your plan will aid in managing inflammation in the body, which influences neurochemistry and improves recovery from training, detoxification, gut health and fat loss.

How does eating look with Functional Nutrition?

That’s a complex question with a simple answer. With Functional Nutrition, food looks great. In any specific case, the food needs to be tailored to the individual and the individual goals. Some examples we might be able to help with could be:

Autoimmune issues – Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet, which is a paleo-type diet

Improving neurochemistry for improved sleep – optimising your sleep nutrition

Improving MTHFR and COMT genes to maximise resilience in daily life – a fasting-mimicking diet, a low-calorie diet, low protein, high-fat diet.

For an athlete, the prime focus is often on managing inflammation to recover faster – The Vertical Diet combines movement and food to gain or lose weight for competition and performance.

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